• Cylinderhead sx50

    EHR Cylinder Race Head for the KTM SX50
    Available for the 2009> Including the new 2016 model.
    Comes Complete With 4.20cc 0.8mm Squish Insert

  • cilinderhead_sx125_2018

    Latest product from EHR for the SX125 KTM, in EHR Blue.

  • Membraamhuis sx65klein

    EHR Reed Valve System especially made for the KTM 65sx.
    The EHR Tuning reed valve will increase your power.
    The reed valve housing is larger for better flow and increases the volume in your crankcase for better bottom power.

  • spacer_sx5065

    Gain more torque! Blue EHR Tuning Torque Reed Spacer.
    Use 2 of these for great gains in sand.
    As used by Ivan Petrov the 65 European Champion 2009, Brian Hsu 2010 World Champion, Jorge Prado Garcia 2011 World Champion.
    Mounts between cases and reed block.

  • Clutch cover sx65

    High Quality Clutch Cover for KTM SX65 by EHR Tuning Racing Parts.
    Anodised in EHR Blue.