EHR Tuning has a partnership with NikaTech for al the NiCaSil works. NikaTech has developed a coating that is characterized by high quality and reliability.The coating, which is, inter alia, composed of nickel and silicon carbide, ensures a wear-resistant surface so that the life of the cylinder is extended considerably. We provide perfect measurements of your cylinder. Therefore we ensure perfect running of the cylinder, greater longevity and thus a durable solution.

NikaTech stands for durability, quality and service!

Apply NiCaSil coating
Price (Excl. VAT)
Cylinder up to 70 cc € 190,-
Cylinder up to 125 cc € 210,-
Cylinder up to 250 cc € 220,-
Cylinder up to 450 cc € 240,-
Cylinder bigger than 450 cc € 260,-
2 Cylinder € 480,-
Other activities
Disassemble Cylinder € 25,-
Bars cutback € 28,50
Boring bigger size € 45,-
Cylinder honing € 45,-
Welding € 70,-
Head & foot welding surfaces € 125,-
Updating cylinder € 125,-

These prices are excluding transport costs.


Less friction and therefore a better flow and more power.


Resistance to rapid temperature changes.


Wear resistance; increase in the service life of the cylinder.