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  • Big oval carburettor sx65

    Oval machined in 3D Mikuni carburettor TM 24 with special venturi for more bottom end  ,  because the oval diameter 25 mm horizontal and 26.5 mm vertical the carburerttor will give more top end.

  • waterpump_sxtc_50_65_2018

    Fast flowing waterpump for the SX-TC 50 & 65.

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  • Clutch cover sx65

    High Quality Clutch Cover for KTM SX65 by EHR Tuning Racing Parts.
    Anodised in EHR Blue.

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  • product stages 123 sx-tc 65
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  • ignition cover sx65

    High Quality EHR Tuning Ignition cover in Blue for KTM 65 SX 2009-2016.
    Replace the OEM Plastic cover with a Superbly finished Hard Anodised Aluminium cover.
    Suitable for KTM SX 65.

  • dppvs_sx65_2018

    NEW cilinderhead set SX  –  TC 65 2018

    The New Cylinder Head Set Comes Complete With:
    EHR Special DPPVS Cylinder-Head in Blue
    Special insert
    Cover with adjuster for spring
    Mounting Plate and Gasket.

    After Hours of Research, Testing and Development.
    We are happy to present our New EHR Cylinder Head with the following advantages:
    *Very High quality aluminium (aerospace)
    *High quality of anodising process to ISO standard
    *On bike only two hex M5 bolts to take out the complete powervalve group
    *No need to drain coolant or to dismount head from engine to inspect powervalve
    *Changing the powervalve or diaphragm in 5 minutes
    *Exclusevely made in Holland
    *Constructed with many years of experience since 2009

  • zuiger_meteor_sx50_sx65_sx8_sx125
  • powervalve_sx65

    Billet Power valve, High Quality product.
    Automatically stops at highest point in exhaust channel,
    smoother opening from the side exhaust transfer channels which gives you more middle range in torque.
    As used by the KTM 65 European Champion 2015 & 2016, Vice World Champion 2016
    Suitable for KTM SX65 2009-2016

    Replaces the OEM 46237020144 CONTROL SLIDE

  • Membraamhuis sx65klein

    EHR Reed Valve System especially made for the KTM 65sx.
    The EHR Tuning reed valve will increase your power.
    The reed valve housing is larger for better flow and increases the volume in your crankcase for better bottom power.

  • spacer_sx5065

    Gain more torque! Blue EHR Tuning Torque Reed Spacer.
    Use 2 of these for great gains in sand.
    As used by Ivan Petrov the 65 European Champion 2009, Brian Hsu 2010 World Champion, Jorge Prado Garcia 2011 World Champion.
    Mounts between cases and reed block.

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  • 65 piston set copy
  • tripleclampx_sx65_85