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  • Big oval carburettor sx65

    Oval machined in 3D Mikuni carburettor TM 24 with special venturi for more bottom end  ,  because the oval diameter 25 mm horizontal and 26.5 mm vertical the carburerttor will give more top end.

  • waterpump_sxtc_50_65_2018

    Fast flowing waterpump for the SX-TC 50 & 65.

  • waterpumpkit_YZ6585_2019

    Billet waterpump for Yamaha YZ 65 and 85 2019 model with Big impeller improves the flow speed

  • CDIandBOX copy
  • cilinderhead_sx125_2018

    Latest product from EHR for the SX125 KTM, in EHR Blue.

  • Cylinderhead sx50

    EHR Cylinder Race Head for the KTM SX50
    Available for the 2009> Including the new 2016 model.
    Comes Complete With 4.20cc 0.8mm Squish Insert

  • clutch cover sx50

    Allows an extra 100ml of Clutch oil for better cooling – Hot engines lose horse power!
    This new EHR Tuning KTM 50 Clutch Cover is a MUST for the serious racer.
    The KTM factory cover only holds 198ml’s of oil, because the new large KTM stock clutch fills the entire crankcase.
    The EHR Race Clutch Cover is wider to provide 120ml more clutch oil capacity.
    A removable plug in the side of the cover allows quick outside adjustment of the KTM 2013> Factory OEM Disc clutch.
    Billet Aluminium Alloy Polished and Anodized In EHR Blue
    Works for ALL KTM 50’s 2009> onwards.

  • Clutch cover sx65

    High Quality Clutch Cover for KTM SX65 by EHR Tuning Racing Parts.
    Anodised in EHR Blue.

  • Clutch cover sx85 2018shadow

    High quality clutch cover annodised in Blue.
    Superb finish and engineering. New design
    Suitable for KTM SX 85 2018

  • clutchsprings_sx50

    Racing causes extreme wear and tear on the clutch therefore it is important to inspect clutch for wear after each racing event.

    The heavy Duty clutch spring kit is the answer to your KTM 50 SX clutch spring problems. The new springs are wound from high quality SS round wire providing fewer coils and higher pressure than the old green flat wire springs. This allows more space between the coils and less opportunity for coil bind. The old springs when installed were very close to coil bind, when a spring binds it loses some of its length and strength. By not allowing the new springs to bind they will last longer and provide a more consistent feel. The high quality spring wire will hold its strength longer than the old flat wire springs.

  • cilinderhead_sx85_2018

    Cylinderhead set SX-TC 85 2018

    Available in blue!

    New Cylinderhead system for KTM and Husqvarna 85 cc comes with insert of choice also inserts for 12 degree piston.

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    Power pack yz65
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    Power pack yz85
     755,00  525,00
  • Product_stages 123 sx-tc 50
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  • product stages 123 sx-tc 65
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  • Product_stages 123 125
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